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01. Management system certification organization

Management system certification activities are classified into specific certification areas according to the specialized nature of the accreditation activity. Each type of management system certification needs to meet the general requirements of the standard TCVN ISO/IEC 17021-1 also has to meet its own, specific requirements for each type.

QMS 9000 certification body

Management system certification includes the organization’s processes, procedures and responsibilities in accordance with ISO/IEC 9001 to achieve quality policies and objectives;

Additional requirements for accreditation: TCVN 17021-3

EMS certification body 14000

Certification of an organization having a management system in accordance with ISO/IEC 14001 and a database incorporating processes and procedures for personnel training, monitoring, aggregation and reporting of performance information environmental performance for the organization’s internal and external stakeholders

Additional requirements for accreditation: TCVN 17021-2

OHSMS Certification Body

Certification activities that the organization has a management system and measures in accordance with ISO/IEC 45001 to ensure worker safety and minimize risks related to occupational safety and health. for the employees of the organization.

Additional requirements for accreditation: TCVN 17021-10

02. Product, process and service certification organization

Assessment and certification of products, processes and services of organizations and individuals in conformity with current standards or technical regulations for such products, processes or services.

The general requirement standard for this activity is ISO/IEC 17065

03. Organization certifying
food safety management system

  • Farm
  • Food processing and animal feed
  • Provided
  • Retail, transportation and storage
  • Additional services
  • Biochemistry

Note: for details on the accreditation program and sector, see VACI.R4.6 Program and Area of Accreditation Regulations.